At Gatepoint Research, our mission is to provide leading research trends to business executives across a variety of industries.

We go beyond learning what respondents currently have installed or what they are planning to install in the future. We want to know what keeps them up at night? What challenges are they experiencing? What are their technology pain points?

For over 25 years, we have worked with major technology companies—from Google, Salesforce and HP to IBM, Oracle, and Dell—all of whom sponsor our surveys to obtain insight into user needs, business shifts and IT trends. The intelligence we capture in our surveys and analyze in our research reports is critical feedback to the industry for their R&D, product enhancement, strategic forecasting, planning, and decision-making. The surveys feature peer-to-peer-based questions around respondents’ thoughts and opinions—information that is invaluable to our survey sponsors.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We help uncover key industry trends.

High Quality Standards

Precise focus on capturing deep insights into user needs and business and IT trends.

Leading Experts

Strategic research professionals with diverse industry, marketing and CRM knowledge.

Trusted Results

Feedback from industry-specific executives with functionally-relevant roles or decision-making ability.

100% Satisfaction

Valuable buyer intelligence and insights that we use to create laser-focused customer content.

What we offer

All the data and intelligence you need for successful market research.


Gatepoint Research writes the surveys in collaboration with our clients and deploys them to custom-built databases of targeted senior executives. Surveys are typically about 8-10 questions in length.

Pulse Reports

At the completion of a survey we analyze the results and present them in a PDF document, known as a Pulse Report, which graphically depicts the aggregated results.

White Papers

Surveys yield valuable peer-to-peer information from IT decision-makers. These insights can be repurposed into detailed reports that articulate the survey’s key learnings.


Many clients take the survey findings a step further and ask one of our analysts to participate in their webinars. Not only to help explain how the research was gathered, but to help interpret the results and explain market trends.


Gatepoint produces brief, graphical snapshots of the most compelling insights learned from a survey. Light-hearted in tone, these one-page reports succinctly show how the market answered 3 or 4 of the survey’s questions.

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