What We Offer



Gatepoint Research writes the surveys in collaboration with our clients and deploys them to custom-built databases of targeted senior executives. Surveys are typically about 8-10 questions in length.

Pulse Reports​

At the completion of a survey we analyze the results and present them in a PDF document, known as a Pulse Report, which graphically depicts the aggregated results.

White Papers​

Surveys yield valuable peer-to-peer information from IT decision-makers. These insights can be repurposed into detailed reports that articulate the survey’s key learnings.


Many clients take the survey findings a step further and ask one of our analysts to participate in their webinars. Not only to help explain how the research was gathered, but to help interpret the results and explain market trends.


Gatepoint produces brief, graphical snapshots of the most compelling insights learned from a survey. Light-hearted in tone, these one-page reports succinctly show how the market answered 3 or 4 of the survey’s questions.​

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