Who We Are


We are Gatepoint Research.

Since 1996, Gatepoint Research has conducted focused, opt-in, invitation-only surveys to gather industry information from executives in cutting edge companies. We keep our surveys brief and to the point, as we understand the value of our respondents’ time. We have deployed over 10,000 surveys campaigns and we engage over 25,000 participating executives and thought leaders each year.

Our survey campaigns are highly customized to limit the information gathered to respondents who are experts in what’s occurring in their environment and what the trends are in their industry. Once a survey is completed, the results are captured in a Gatepoint Research Pulse Report, which is presented to both our survey participants and our sponsors. The Pulse Report provides an informative summary and charts as well as insights of the aggregated responses from all survey participants. With the intelligence learned from our research, we create infographics, white papers, webinar topics, executive summaries and other valuable content for our sponsors to share and distribute.

Unlike other research firms that rely on quantity over quality and send survey invitations to large lists of contacts who may or may not be relevant to the subject matter, we place emphasis on the quality of our survey respondents. While our sampling sizes are smaller, 100% of the respondents come from specific industry segments and are management-level executives with functionally-relevant roles or decision-making ability. More importantly, the survey results have proven to be extremely helpful to our survey sponsors.

Our Leadership

Research and marketing experts at the top of their field and possessing specialized industry knowledge and a strategic mindset.

Doug Barth


Lisa Vitale


Nicole Goldstein

Vice President of Operations

Kaitlin Dionis

Vice President of Customer Success

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Vice President of Sales

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Technical Writer

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Technical Writer

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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors include leading edge companies across all verticals.

Giving Back

We're proud to give back to impactful organizations.